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So much of how we eat and move our bodies is dictated by an irrational standard that diet culture has created for us (against our will). Rather than looking at food as a problem to solve, I encourage everyone to remember the moments that food served as a catalyst for conversation, connection, and community. By tossing out the rule book that diet culture has involuntarily created for us, you will discover the satisfaction factor. Together we can find how to honor your health and repair your relationship with food and body with a non-diet approach. We can uncover and explore trustworthy and sustainable solutions unique to your palete.

things you should know about me

I identify as a social butterfly who flutters from one adventure to the next such as sand volleyball and trying the many restaurants offered in Houston. I also like having a nice balance of quiet time to myself. When I am not participating in my next adventure you can find me playing with my cat Oliver, cooking new recipes, and watching many of the latest Netflix shows. I was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Houston about 4 years ago. I must say the weather differences are drastic and I do miss my mountains, but I love what Houston has provided to me as my new home. I am proud to call myself both a Coloradan and a Texan.

education + community

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and completed my dietetic internship through the University of Northern Colorado. Prior to joining the We All Eat Nutrition Therapy team, I have helped individuals struggling with eating disorders and other co-occurring psychiatric illnesses at an in-patient level of care.

we'd be a good fit if...

You’re tired of fighting society’s standards around food and body. If you are tired of the endless cycles of dieting. You want to eat your favorite foods and not feel guilt or shame. You desire to have freedom and peace around your relationship with food and body, but you need guidance or a helping hand.  


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