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whether you're struggling with an eating disorder, Looking to improve your health, or someone just sick of dieting...

Collaboration with Other Providers
Individualized Nutrition Counseling
Grocery Shopping Support
Nutrition Myth Busting

Eating Disorder Recovery
Intuitive Eating Coaching
Nutrition Education
Sports Nutrition

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During this appointment, we will dive into why you’re interested in meeting with a dietitian. We will establish your long-term nutrition goals, evaluate your past/current relationship with food, explore your medical history and more!

During these appointments you'll continue to work with a Dietitian to make progress toward becoming an Intuitive Eater and reaching your long-term health goals.

follow-up appointments




$190 - $220 per session



$100 - $170 per session

let's answer some

Just as the name of our practice says, we all eat! Therefore, you could likely benefit from seeing a dietitian in some way. Maybe you've felt confused about what you should or shouldn't eat. Seen conflicting nutrition advice. Had a difficult time shopping for groceries or preparing food. Maybe you're not in touch with your appetite or find it difficult to eat in certain environments. Or you could be an athlete, wondering how to best fuel for your sport. Lastly, maybe you're ready to recover from an eating disorder. Don't see a reason here that resonates with you? Email us your concerns at and we'd be happy to speak more directly to your concerns.

Would I benefit from seeing a dietitian?

Each of our dietitians are unique in their own way. Visit our about page to read about each dietitian to see who may be a good fit for you!

Which dietitian would be the best fit for me?

Depends! The long term goal is for you to not need us. We customize how often we meet based on your needs or as you progress. Your progress determines your need for support.

How long would we work together?

Learn more about our pricing information here. Have more question? Please email us at

What are the costs of appointments?

We currently do not accept insurance, but will provide you a Superbill for possible insurance reimbursement depending on your plan and provider. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions on how to get our sessions covered. 

Do you take insurance?

Health at Every Size® principles "help us advance social justice, create an inclusive and respectful community, and support people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves."

what is health at every size (r)?

Intuitive Eating was originally founded by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. It's an eating framework created to help you make peace with food and rediscover the pleasure of eating. Intuitive Eating has 10 principles that We All Eat will weave into our work together. 

what is intuitive eating?


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