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At We All Eat, we empower you to improve your relationship with food, engage in life-enhancing movement, and find peace with your body image.

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nutrition therapy

These one on one sessions are a safe space for you to dive into what's going on with food, exercise, and body image. In these sessions, your dietitian will help you understand the root of your food beliefs, explore a healthier relationship with food, and set long term goals in effort to make eating easy again. Learn more about nutrition counseling here.


Emily Hahn is now offering CEDS supervision! 🎉

Want to be supervised by Emily?

Emily Hahn is now offering CEDS supervision! 🎉

Want to be supervised by Emily?

Send us an email at with the title "Supervision"!

Send us an email at with the title "Supervision"!

about the dietitians

We're the dietitians at We All Eat Nutrition Therapy, big fans of the Houston food scene, and believers in the power of therapy and challenging food beliefs.

cultivating change

Set yourself apart and make positive change that supports yourself nutritionally, independent of cultural diet fads going on around you. 

individualized treatment

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to relationships with food. Our culture, upbringing, and life experiences allow us to see food differently.

creating connection

Getting vulnerable can be scary, but that's where the magic happens. Feeling connected to your dietitian is an important part of this work and we want you and your lived experiences to feel seen, valued, and heard.


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