The No Surprises Act grants you the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate", which outlines potential costs of your medical care. This transparency is to ensure you'll never face unexpected charges or "surprises" for services you haven't explicitly agreed to.

During your initial appointment, your dietitian will recommend a session frequency based on your individualized needs. This frequency will be constantly evaluated and adjusted based on your progress. You will only confirm and consent to one session at a time, which your dietitian will schedule at the end of each appointment. 

Our base rate for initial assessments is $190/hour. 45 min follow ups are $145 and 30 min follow ups are $100. Cost will increase if a dietitian has received additional education and certifications. For more information on specific dietitian pricing, please visit our updated pricing guide.

Initial Assessment (CPT 97802): $190
45 min Follow Up (CPT 97803): $145 
30 min Follow Up (CPT 97803): $100

To aid in your financial planning, we've outlined potential cost estimates for weekly or biweekly session frequency over a 16 week period:

Weekly 45min Follow Up Sessions for 16 weeks: $2320
Weekly 30min Follow Up Sessions for 16 weeks: $1600
Biweekly 45min Follow Up Sessions for 16 weeks (8 sessions): $1160
Biweekly 30min Follow Up Sessions for 16 weeks (8 sessions): $800

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