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Enjoying eating and connecting over food is a universal, intuitive human experience--until our society that values thinness above all else (often in the guise of "wellness" or "health") interjects and says otherwise. This can make returning to your body's intuition on how to eat, nourish, and care for yourself incredibly confusing and challenging. As your dietitian, I'll be here to walk alongside and guide you back to a flexible, compassionate relationship with food and your body. We'll do this by chatting about challenges/successes/anything in between, exploring food/health/body beliefs, and probably eating some snacks or meals together. Through doing this work together, my hope is that you'll realize how deserving you are of feeling peace with food and your body.

things you should know about me

Authenticity and humor are very important to me, so you might catch me in our sessions sprawling out across the chair or teasing myself for losing my train of thought. I identify as pansexual and feel particularly passionate about working with other fellow humans in the LGBTQIA+ community. When I'm not in dietitian-mode, I love losing myself in a video game or a book for hours, showing off my cooking skills to family and friends, and connecting to my spirituality by practicing yoga or spending time outside.

education + community

I completed my Bachelor's and Master's of Science in Human Nutrition and Foods as well as my dietetic internship at the University of Houston. I currently work in an inpatient setting treating clients suffering with eating disorders. I also have several years of experience in residential, PHP, and IOP levels of care.

we'd be a good fit if...

You want to improve your relationship with your body, health, and/or food but aren't sure where to start. If you have any amount of curiosity about these relationships and want to freely explore them without judgment. If you're looking for a provider that's as personable as she is professional. If you are queer and want to see this also reflected in one of your providers.


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