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Food and nutrition can become such a complicated topic when we look at all the roles it plays in our lives. Food is energy and nutrients and it can bring us comfort, it can bring us connection, it can help us celebrate, but it can also bring us stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the diet-culture society we live in has high-jacked some of the wonderful functions of food and places absurd standards on our bodies. Well, it does not always have to be all that complicated. Together we can work towards regaining food freedom, debunk diet culture myths, and explore intuitive eating and the non-diet approach! 

things you should know about me

I enjoy making connections with people and have always aspired to help others feel seen and supported. I love to relax, take my two Labrador retrievers (Bella and Maggie) to the park, and watch college football as often as I can. I have a passion for travel and trying new things, which I typically have to balance with my love of staying home to watch a movie. As an enneagram 9, I am comfortable looking at things from all perspectives and have a strong desire to create a calming environment.

education + community

I completed both my Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutrition and Masters of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama. I also completed the Coordinated Program in dietetics through the University of Alabama prior to moving to Houston and beginning my career in the field of eating disorders.

we'd be a good fit if...

You are looking for a judgment-free space to openly discuss your relationship with food. If you are sick of all the confusing messages we receive from diet culture, or tired of experiencing guilt and stress around food. If you are open to digging into the science of nutrition from time to time, then we would be a good fit!


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